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Review of Plantronics Backbeat Sense – Wireless Headphones With MIC (White/Tan)

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Amazon Price: $71.48 (as of December 13, 2018 10:25 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The white and tan Backbeat Sense from Plantronics are cordless Bluetooth headphones with double microphones that supply highly in-depth audio with approximately a 330'/ 100m range. They feature an OpenMic function that permits you to hear your environments without needing to take your earphones off. The light-weight memory foam earcups and self-adjusting headband offer convenience for long sessions, while the integrated lithium-ion battery offers as much as 18 hours of listening and a 2.5 hour charge time. On-board controls enable you to play/pause music, change volume, make track choices, make/take/end/ mute calls, and trigger the "voice assistant" on suitable smart devices. Additional features include automated music pause/play when the headphones are eliminated or put on, the capability to actively preserve two Bluetooth connections concurrently, and compatibility with the Plantronics Find MyHeadset function to locate your earphones should you misplace them. The Backbeat Sense easily fold flat and ship with a dual-pocket storage sleeve, a USB charging cable television, and an Apple suitable 1/8"/ 3.5 mm audio cable. Highly detailed, signature Plantronics audio Lightweight, memory-foam comfort and self-adjusting headband Up to 18 hours of wireless or endless cabled listening Automatic music play/pause when earphones are put on/removed Up to 330'/ 100m variety using Class 1 Bluetooth device OpenMic feature lets you hear your environments without removing headphones Maintain an active connection with 2 Bluetooth gadgets Locate your lost headphones with Plantronics Find MyHeadset Convenient fold-flat style and dual-pocket storage sleeve

Customer Reviews

Amazing sound, but unusable if active

 on June 10, 2017
By JerryR
When you are sitting or standing still these headphones are incredible. The AAC and AptX codecs, paired with a suitable device, produce a detailed full range sound. Folks who want really deep thumping bass are not going to be completely happy, but everyone else will be. And despite the lack of a boom microphone callers say that the sound on their end is clear and quiet. In these respects these headphones are the best I’ve ever owned.

LOVE these, listen to music, hear surroundings and take calls!! And Stylish to boot! Perfect

 on March 14, 2016
By Amazon Customer
Here are the requirements I needed in a headphone: Cordless, over the head (not ear buds), ability to hear outside noise, ability to make and take phone calls. I also wanted slim and stylish. These fit every one of those needs. I have used them about a dozen times now, I walk outdoors approx 6-10 miles a day, and these are great. I can easily hear my surroundings with the push of a button, and it is amplified, so hearing the nature sound is excellent. They paired with my phone easily, making it possible to make and take calls as well as listening to my music. I absolutely love the fact that they know when you take them off (and shut off) and put them back on (and turn on), this saves the battery life. They are very slim and stylish and SUPER comfortable. I have a very small head (child size) and they fit at the smallest setting, glad my head is not any smaller or they would be to big. My husband has a huge head and they extend out to also fit him. They come with a nice carry bag, only draw back is that it is a bit small so you have to be careful putting them in and out. The sound is ok, not great bass, but that is now what I was looking for. I would recommend these to someone who needs a headphone that doubles as bluetooth and needs to hear their surroundings.

Occasional funky bluetooth connection but otherwise recommended

 on April 23, 2018
By D. Abel
I found this style to be a nice compromise between earbuds, which always sound poor to me, and the really bulky over-the-ear types. I’m happy with the sound quality, especially at this price point. In my experience headphones only last a few years before something breaks and so I’m not going to spend hundreds. Only issue I’ve had is the bluetooth controls seem to stop working after a week or so. I can still use the headphones to listen, but the on-unit stop/play/volume controls don’t work (so I have to control on the phone). I’d characterize this as a first world problem, and unpairing and pairing again will quickly fix this. Can’t say for sure if it’s the headphones or the iphone 7 that is the cause, but it’s a minor annoyance.

Comfortable, good battery

 on February 3, 2018
By Davy
Very good headphones. I tried the “celebrity” more expensive phones and it was like putting your head in a vise–too tight, no adjustment. With these you can just bend the headband to loosen them up–they feel great. Easy to use volume controls, on, off, pair, etc. When you turn them on they tell you how the battery is. Switch off they say “power off.’ Lights ot indicate charge. I just use these for tv so I can’t vouch for audiophile use but the surround/stereo sound from my new tv sounds good. There is one annoying feature which is the sub band over your head–when the phones slide up a little the sound turns off and you have to position the phones again. There must be a purpose for this function but I’d rather not have it.


 on June 5, 2018
By Amazon Customer
This is a great pair of headphones and has actually exceeded my expectations. I bought these to use when working remotely–so, they are packed up in my messenger bag when not in use. The ear pieces rotate 90 degree–so, they fit relatively flat in my bag. They pair quickly and seamlessly with both my phone and laptop and the controls are responsive and easy to use.

Clever music controls!

 on November 20, 2016
By amazon user
Very comfortable. Best side controls of any pair of headphones I have ever owned. Volume is twist control; much easier to use than others with directional pad. Highly recommend!

Comfort, sound & a great microphone!

 on July 26, 2018
By Dainsker
I have ordered so many headphones only to be disappointed immediately. I’ve ordered Sennheiser headphones, other brands as well and I hated them. Most recently I was using Samsung Level U ear buds that go inside your ear, they gave me massive ear infections. I really like them to not only listen to music & video’s, but I like to talk hands free as well. The other headphones had terrible microphones and they muffled my sound. These Plantronics are a dream! They have great sound, both speakers and mic, they are intuitive, they are comfortable and not too bulky to take them in public. My search is finally over and I’m so glad I found these! I never do reviews, so that means these are really good cause I’m super excited!

Great. We’ll done

 on April 26, 2018
By Yaakov Gorensteyn
Great. We’ll done, plantronics. These guys sound great, are comfortable to wear, lightweight and packed chock full of useful features that are not always present in headphones three times the price. Love the ability to connect two devices simultaneously, saves lots of hassle when using and laptop at the same time. The only feature I miss and would add is a built-in eq controlled by the app. And also my unit has a glitch that causes random disconnects and reconnects when the battery is staying to get low, but the battery life is so great I almost never get to that point. Thumbs up! Best non-ANC Bluetooth headset for the price IMO, and I’ve tried quite a few.

A stand-out value!

 on April 7, 2018
By Matthew Gross
A stand-out value comparable in quality to headphones 2 and 3 times the price. Lots of nice features such as auto sensor, Bluetooth and long life battery. Has very good sound at low volumes when you do not want to blow out your ears.


 on March 27, 2016
By Jennifer M
My husband bought these for me as he refuses to buy beats and I am impressed. They’re so comfortable and have amazing sound. It doesn’t hurt that they are beautiful as well.

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Review Of Plantronics Backbeat Sense - Wireless Headphones With MIC (White/Tan)
Review Of Plantronics Backbeat Sense - Wireless Headphones With MIC (White/Tan)

Review Of Plantronics Backbeat Sense - Wireless Headphones With MIC (White/Tan)

Review Of Plantronics Backbeat Sense - Wireless Headphones With MIC (White/Tan)

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