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iPhone Speaker, Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker with Stand for iPhone 7/7 plus/6/6s, iPad, iPod and Other Phones or Tablets (BP2001- Black)

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Amazon Price: $29.99 $25.99 (as of December 14, 2018 6:39 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Portable Wireless Bluetooth Desktop Speaker
For Convenient Listening

Innovation Meets Design
A basic, contemporary style and compact measurements paired with crystal clear sound. The speaker design itself optimizes space to maximize the speaker size.

Durable & Secure
Used sustainable environmentally friendly ABS plastic the retractable stand firmly holds your device at a comfortable seeing angle for easy usage while 2 robust rubber feet at the bottom firmly protect it and prevent vibrations caused by loud audio.

Superior Sound
Supports any type of media playback: music, video games, movies or net-based media streaming. Smart audio technology prevents distorted audio frequencies for crystal-clear listening.

Dual-connection in Both Wired and Bluetooth
Get in touch with any bluetooth-enabled device or simply plug in with the conventional 3.5 mm audio cable television to start. Suitable with iOS and non-iOS gadgets. It also supports Macintosh as well as Windows PCs.

Supported wireless modes: Bluetooth and EDR
Signal distance: as much as 10m (signal conditions may vary or be less beneficial due to interfering signals).
Battery: Li-Ion cell, capability -> 800 mAh.
Efficient efficiency: 5 Watts x2.
Measurements: 240 mm x 62 mm x 41 mm.

Please Note:.
1. There is NO volume controller on the speaker. Volume needs to be changed via the connected gadget.
2. This speaker can not be utilized as a charging dock to charge other device.

Customer Reviews

Good speaker – but when reading the reviews please note the model number.

 on May 22, 2015
By Williams
The reviews for this product are mixed in with another speaker from the same company. I am reviewing the BP2001- Black. This speaker is not particularly “loud”. I think those reviews belong to the other speaker. The sound quality is good, but volume must be adjusted by the device playing the music, not from the speaker itself. I have a small pocket iHome speaker and this is only a little louder than that. I will say the sound quality is much better than the iHome pocket speaker as the sound does not degrade at the highest volume. This speaker also does not come with a carry case. The included cables are too short. The speaker has to sit directly next to it’s charging power source or it won’t reach. It is a very decent speaker for a small to medium size room. You will want to purchase a longer charging cable.

Surprised and Pleased

 on March 14, 2017
By Austin Grandma
First, this speaker gets the “Compact Cuteness” prize. It’s small size is a plus for me, because space is at a premium in my house. Next, after charging, I was pleased with the sound quality. Loud enough for me to enjoy my music as I cook or straighten up, which wasn’t true of my iPhone. I did think that a real “audiophile” would not care much for it– after all, look at the price–but it was fine from my perspective. Then, when I disconnected to take my phone with me in the car, and reverted to the normal iPhone sound, I literally laughed out loud. My iPhone sounds like a tin can in comparison, even though I never had any complaints about it before. So, assuming it holds up over time, this is a great little device for the price.

Great little portable Bluetooth speaker!

 on August 10, 2017
By CbytheC
This is a great little Bluetooth speaker! I can’t speak from a technology point of view I’m afraid, so this review will come from the viewpoint of an older music lover. Period. Lol. I had just moved into my new place and had no way to listen to music except my iPhone. So as a stop gap I looked on Amazon and ordered this speaker thinking it would be a temporary solution. It’s become permanent. This speaker has great sound, holds a charge for a long long time, is portable and easily connects to my phone and computer. I can rock in the kitchen while doing dishes or carry it to the beach with me for some fun in the sun. I connect it to my computer and watch TV in the bedroom with much better sound than my laptop has. I’m short I’ve come to love it. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent and not even much of that! The only negative is the fact that there’s no volume control on the speaker itself. You can only adjust the volume on your phone or laptop. If it wasn’t for that it would have been 5 stars for sure.

Revised review- excellent customer service:)

 on July 2, 2017
This was great for the first 4 weeks, now it don’t hold s charge… a waste of 30 dollars i guess 🙁

Not a bad speaker. Would definitely recommend.

 on May 21, 2015
By Jose Sanchez
Replaced a single-driver Bluetooth speaker I got as a gift from a friend. I was going to try to build one, but with 3 kids, it’s difficult to find the time for such endeavors. The speaker performs as advertised. Bass quality depends on your source, so a low quality MP3 streamed over Bluetooth will sound distorted at high volume. Expect decent, but not earth-shattering, bass out of the unit. Battery life seems more than adequate, but I turn off the speaker (switch on the back) every time I’m done with my music session. Has a small leg on the back to support bigger devices such as tablets. There is no volume control, as volume is controlled by from the device you’re streaming. Haven’t tested having a conversation using the built-in mic. The battery light…not sure (and it could be on the documentation) but it never “fills” up the battery icon. When nothing plays, the light turns off, even when charging. Wish it was more of a dual color LED: Green = Charged, Red = Plug in to charge battery. Overall, I’m pleased with this purchase.

very pleased with this speaker, gets the job done easily at a reasonable price

 on August 6, 2016
By yajaru
very nice item at a reasonable price. it arrived promptly and well packaged. instructions were simple and clear. charged it up initially, and it synced easily with my iPhone 6s. one charge will last at least 4 to 5 hours. sound is good, and volume is controlled at the iPhone. i am not an audiophile and i am sure that there may be bluetooth speakers with higher fidelity. i use this on vacation in mexico where radio/cable/online music availability is not what it is in the states. so i was looking for reasonable sound quality at a reasonable price to access my sounds, and i found it this speaker.

Very nice speaker for hotel rooms if you travel

 on October 29, 2015
By abel
I just got it in and the first thing I did is test the range of it. Well it passed with flying colors the range of this baby is about 50 feet which I love. I love how the little stand comes out if you want to lay it down.This really should be called a sound bar for you tablet because that is what it reminds me of. It has great quality sound that amplifies whatever on the tablet or smartphone you are consuming media wise. This is a great sounding mid range speaker. Not real heavy on the bass or high end, thus I consider this more of a sound bar for me on watching YouTube videos or other media on my iPad. It still does good for music, not great, unless mid range sound is good enough for you. Overall it paired really easy and worked great. Great buy for the money spent

Much louder than Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 stereo speakers

 on October 17, 2017
By geodescent
I primarily use my tablet for media consumption, but I often couldn’t hear some movies over my apartment air conditioner unit, so I gave this a try, and it’s definitely a step up. When combined with software solutions for amplifying audio volume (viper, Dolby) it gets much louder than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1’s built in stereo speakers, which top out around 70db as measured by my phone. I haven’t checked the max volume on this yet, but the sound is much richer and has some decent heft/bass. Certainly more power, but it’s not a big jump in volume, although for me, it’s enough to satisfy. The crevice for holding the phone or tablet is a nice touch, designed for stationary use on a table, but is comfortable to hold one or two handed for watching a movie in bed (it doesn’t really work to prop up a tablet in bed the way a case can). Also, it doesn’t seem to suffer any audio delay, which some older Bluetooth devices suffered from.


 on December 26, 2015
Good sounding BUT auto shut-off feature if no sound is detected (after 5 minutes) can be a pain in the neck as the power on button is located in the back of the unit. Looks very sleek but not practical for my use. PLEASE NOTE: I have changed my review from 3 stars to 5 stars based on customer service contacting me with help to resolve my particular issue…….quite rare these days!

IPhone Speaker, Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker With Stand For IPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6s, IPad, IPod And Other Phones Or Tablets (BP2001- Black)
IPhone Speaker, Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker With Stand For IPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6s, IPad, IPod And Other Phones Or Tablets (BP2001- Black)

IPhone Speaker, Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker With Stand For IPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6s, IPad, IPod And Other Phones Or Tablets (BP2001- Black)

IPhone Speaker, Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker With Stand For IPhone 7/7 Plus/6/6s, IPad, IPod And Other Phones Or Tablets (BP2001- Black)