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JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones (Black)

  • Review Of JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones (Black)
    JVC-HA-EBR80 Headphones (Great for PS4 Controller) review
  • Review Of JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones (Black)
    Review: JVC HA-EB75 Sport Over the Ear Earbuds Headphones
  • Review Of JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones (Black)
    Review: JVC Sport Headphones
  • Review Of JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones (Black)
    Cuffie sportive JVC HA-EBR80
  • Review Of JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones (Black)
    JVC HA-B75 headphones
  • Review Of JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones (Black)
    JVC HAEBR80B Sports
  • Review Of JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones (Black)
    Clip Sport Haebr80 schwarz Kopfhrer
Amazon Price: $19.95 $15.52 You save: $4.43 (22%). (as of December 13, 2018 10:15 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The brand new HA-EBR80 headphones are an earbud design with a singular, adjustable ear clip that holds them securely in place. The brand new HA-EBR80 headphones are perfect for the energetic person. They function a one-button distant management that makes it simple to function the play, cease and skip features, and reply a cellphone name that may be dealt with hands-free due to the built-in microphone. The headphones are appropriate with Apple and Blackberry gadgets. Designed for sports activities use, the HA-EBR80 headphones are each comfy and sensible. They match snugly on the ear and are held in place by an adjustable mushy rubber ear clip with 5 selectable positions for a safe and cozy match. To make sure prime quality sound copy, the brand new headphones function highly effective 13.5mm neodymium driver items, bass-boosting earpieces, and a friction noise discount twine of three.94 ft (1.2 meters). The HA-EBR80 headphones additionally include a slim, gold-plated iPhone(R)-compatible plug.

Technical Details

  • ios-phone-control

Customer Reviews

Great for phone use

 on February 11, 2016
By Random Consumer
I have one ear canal that is apparently strangely shaped, as the standard ear buds and ear phones will just fall right out of my year. So, the only thing that works is a clip over the ear style to keep the ear bud mostly in my ear. I’ve bought 3 pairs of these now only because I keep losing them. I primarily use these to talk on my phone and listen to messages from others. For that, it works wonderfully. Sound is much crisper than just using the phone itself. The ear clips are flexible so they don’t hurt my ears too much (after an hour, I will feel a slight pressure), and there are a few notches of adjustment moving the clips higher or lower. The mic picks up my voice really well. Though, if I’m near cars driving by, it gets a little more difficult to hear. But on a typical residential side street, no traffic, voice is super clear. I do wish there was a volume adjuster, but it’s not a deal breaker. If you have trouble with ear buds falling out of your ears, or need a pair to stay on while running, these are good option. If you are after the absolute best sound quality for bass-heavy music, these will disappoint you. But for speaking and non-bass heavy music, these sound very good. Good enough that when I lose my pair I buy the exact same thing to replace it!

Faulty Control Switch

 on July 28, 2018
I really wanted to love these JVC earbuds but the switch is their Achilles heel. I purchased these from Amazon in April. They deliver a nice sound and fit my ears well, but early on the switch started to fail. First problem is that the switch is tiny and extremely sensitive to any touch. It sits by your neck, so even turning your head can activate it accidentally. You really have to master the technique for pausing, skipping to next track, etc. Because of this, I was never able to use them for answering my iPhone; it just wasn’t dependable. As the weeks went on, I lost the capability to do anything but pause the music; the other switch functions failed. Other people have complained about the lack of a volume control too. That’s not a big issue to me but skipping tracks is, as I subscribe to Pandora Plus and must have that functionality when I run. I didn’t see anything about a warranty so I guess I will just buy some other manufacturer’s product.

For the money they are serviceable. No shirt clip.

 on April 29, 2016
By Peter B. Perkins Jr.
Just by the price I knew these would be cheap, and they are. They feel cheap and I forsee electrical tape in the future for these. The biggest problem is that they don’t include a shirt clip. The wire is pretty thin, but I still get the tug on my ears and constantly have to pull up the cord. The sound is alright. And the comfort after a few hours the comfort is ok. Update. After a weekend I put these back on one day and wow the pain was incredible! I used electrical tape to beef up the padding and that’s working but wow… These don’t enter the ear canal, but sit in the entrance. Most people hate that but I like it because don’t have to take it off when they’re not in use to be able to hear what’s going on around me. If you’re looking for isolation, comfort, or quality you need to pay more. For the money these are serviceable.

So close to perfect…

 on March 21, 2014
By Razeiel
I use one old android phone (without an account) and an old ipod touch for my music, audiobooks, and podcasts. I have my headphones in from when I wake to when I sleep unless I’m with loved ones or at work. I needed a pair of comfortable headphones that would stay in/on and preferably with in-line controls so I wouldn’t have to dig out my devices and fumble with the controls while cooking, cleaning, painting, video gaming, or whatever.

They fit in your ear, not inside your ear.

 on July 11, 2018
By bcsizemo
What I’m really looking for was a good clip over the ear, fit in the ear for noise blocking. These are not that. Yes they do a decent enough job over the ear, but they do not fit in the ear canal. Instead the piece that goes to your ear canal is very firm and it basically sits in your ear. Imagine placing a dime in your ear, that’s what is going on here. Now the sound isn’t bad, but different. Since the actual speaker driver is sitting outside your ear it’s more like you’re listening to a speaker from a distance. The bass isn’t extremely pronounced while the mid-range is fairly clear, the highs are ok. I use these a lot to listen to music at work, since they don’t fit in your ear canal they don’t block a lot of outside sound. My original intent was to use them while mowing the yard obviously that’s not going to work.

Go for it

 on February 24, 2017
By Amazon Customer
The style I have been looking for that I have not seen produced by other manufacturers. Very great product and affordable. Only concern is that when I put my phone in my pocket this item base is vulnerable to get crushed especially with tight pants. The L shape base would be more ideal but overall if that does not concern you this is the headphones you want with clips behind the ear and microphone aligned on the right side with generous wire length. There are also several colors to choose from which is good for your style. I owned about 4 of these and really satisfied with them other then what I mentioned. I had the base loosen up on me and one side would not be any audio but for the style and comfort and affordability is still ideal for me for my daily usage.

Inexpensive and do the job.

 on June 21, 2017
By Michael C.
Like another reviewer mentioned, the switch is a bit touchy/sensitive. For the price, I can overlook that.

Good comfort and sounds great.

 on June 9, 2017
By Maleficent
No fluff product here. One of the few in-ear headphones that fit both ears without any adjustment or discomfort! Though not an audiophile, the audio sounds great and controls work with my Android phones and tablets. The cable is reasonably long and doesn’t easily tangle. For the amount, this is a very very good headphones.

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Review Of JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones (Black)
Review Of JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones (Black)

Review Of JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones (Black)

Review Of JVC HAEBR80B Sports Clip Headphones (Black)