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Sonos PLAY:1 2-Room Wireless Smart Speakersfor Streaming Music – Starter Set Bundle (White)

  • Best Rated Headphones review-of-sonos-play-1-2-room-wireless-smart-speakersfor-streaming-music-starter-set-bundle-white Sonos PLAY:1 2-Room Wireless Smart Speakersfor Streaming Music - Starter Set Bundle (White)
    Sonos PLAY 1 2 Room Wireless Smart Speakersfor Streaming Music Starter Set Bundle White
  • Best Rated Headphones review-of-sonos-play-1-2-room-wireless-smart-speakersfor-streaming-music-starter-set-bundle-white--2 Sonos PLAY:1 2-Room Wireless Smart Speakersfor Streaming Music - Starter Set Bundle (White)
    Sonos Play 1 Wireless Streaming Speakers
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    SONOS PLAY 1 2 Room Streaming Music Starter Set
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    Bjorn’s – Sonos Play:1 – 2 ROOM STARTER SET
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The 2 Room Starter Set is the perfect method to begin your Sonos system. Experience the magic of Sonos by filling two spaces of music with 2 PLAY:1 s for $349. The 2 Room Starter Set includes 2 PLAY:1 speakers – a compact wireless speaker that provides deep, crystal clear HiFi noise. Wirelessly stream your whole iTunes or Amazon Cloud Player library, favorite music services, and countless radio stations from all over the world through the compact cordless speaker. The PLAY:1's streamlined, versatile style easily fits anywhere your home requirements music, for surprisingly huge sound no matter how tight the area. Location a PLAY:1 speaker in each space you want music, and take pleasure in rich listening right out of the box. Set it up merely, and expand until every space in your home is packed with music; play a various tune in each space or the same tune in ideal synchronization. And manage all of it from your Android device, iPhone or iPad using the complimentary Sonos CONTROL app. The 2 Room Starter Set is an unbelievable value and just available for a minimal time, so begin your Sonos system today. There's never been a much better time to fill your house with music.

Customer Reviews

Love them! But….

 on December 16, 2015
By Jess E.
Love these speakers! I won’t say the same things everyone has already said, but I will point out two limitations:

Sonos, if you are thinking about it. Buy it.

 on July 14, 2017
By Amazon Customer
There was a problem on the front end with getting the playbase on wifi without it being wired to the router. Once I plugged into the router and got the setup completed I unhooked from the router and put it in the entertainment center below my TV. I completed the wireless setup, no you don’t have to have the unit plugged to your router for use with the subwoofer and external speakers. The unit sounds great and I definately recommend the playbase, woofer and play 1’s. Great sound for me and I am completely satisfied. The only change I would make is to change the app where you plug the playbase to the router as the 1st option in the setup.

Once you (Finally) Set them Up – WOW!

 on June 14, 2018
By Joe Albanese
Small. Impossibly so. Light weight and when they say “book shelf” sized, they are not kidding.

Best system you can buy. Just do a little research so to answer your questions first.

 on May 10, 2018
By J.N. 139
I had been following these speakers for a while. I kept seeing them in the back ground of videos and started investigating. Then I found them set up at a local “best” buy store. I was blown away with the sound. So, I bought a single Play One and set it up through Alexa on my iPhone. Amazing what that single little speaker sounded like.

Great hardware, unintuitive and limiting software

 on December 8, 2015
By Erik Crimmin
These speakers look and sound amazing, but getting them to play what I want is a real pain.

I cried the first night I had this system it sounded so good.

 on October 3, 2017
By Amazon Customer
Wow. I have never felt like I’ve experienced something so immersive. It’s like no matter where you are in the room you’re wearing a pair of premium cans. The clarity and balance once you get through the setup is perfect concert experience. I had no idea that I could experience something like this in my home. Unprecedented as someone who has been building custom home theater systems with what I thought was good results for 20 years. Highly recommended. My only complaint, and I have a hard time even taking a whole star away for this [so I won’t] is this: it’s clearly geared toward Apple users. You can’t do the proprietary Trueplay tuning unless you have an iOS device. The difference is amazing. The playbar only supports Dolby 5.1 and not DTS, which is the only output the AppleTV generates. It’s sad that for so much money, I feel like I need to buy an iOS phone or tablet and an AppleTV to make this as usable as it can be. I borrowed a friend of mine’s iPhone and I had to do a lot of tweaking that I’d rather not do on my Android TV to make this work like I want it to, but the quality of sound is sadly worth it to me.

Expensive, but worth every penny.

 on March 8, 2017
By Austin Statkus
Hands down the best speakers I’ve ever owned. At this price tag you’d expect a lot out of these tiny speakers, and trust me, you get a lot. You will be surprised when you first listen to them, I can almost guarantee it. The bass is astounding, and the music is so crisp and clear I find myself hearing new components to songs I’ve listened to thousands of times. You’ll also be amazed at just how loud these things get with no discernible distortion, and with two of them you can create a stereo pair for a truly unreal listening experience. They’re controlled with an app you download on your smart phone, and as long as both the speakers and your phone can connect to the same wi-fi connection you can play individual songs, queue up songs in a playlist, or listen to internet radio stations from a good variety of supported apps such as Pandora, Spotify, Google Play Music, iHeartRadio, and more. Each speaker can be set up to represent the different rooms you have them sitting in, and can even play two different souces of music at the same time in different rooms! An undersold feature is how portable they are as well. Unplugging them and plugging setting them up in a different room only takes the speaker about 20-30 seconds to reset and can then stream music again, and setting them up in the first place or in a new home is fast, simple, and easy. The software is constantly being updated (which at times can be a bit tiresome) and the app sometimes will desync and make you wait, but really these are tiny complaints for what you get.

Great sound, great look, mediocre app.

 on March 2, 2016
By The Craftsman
I’ve filled my house with a Sonos system, and while pricey, it’s a great investment and they provide great sound with a great look. The Sonos Play:1 units provide great sound for an average sized room: a small bedroom, office, bathroom, hallway, etc. Coming in black or white, they blend in with almost any decor, and are incredibly easy to setup via the app – just plug in, push a button on the speaker, wait about a minute for the unit to pair via the app, and the speaker is ready to be used. For a larger room, or if you need a richer soundscape, consider getting a larger Sonos unit.

Speaker Sound & Quality: GOOD // SONOS APP & Support: Room for improvement

 on June 23, 2017
By Jean Marie
UPDATE 5/16/2018: I am lowering my rating on my Sonos PLAY:1 speakers to 3 stars due to the constant software issues I have experienced since getting the speakers and Sonos support’s inability to provide useful support to resolve the issue. I still like the speakers when they work, but when they just randomly disappear from the app it’s annoying to bring them back up.

My wife and I use these every single day. We love them.

 on September 22, 2016
By Daniel Y.
I’d been wanting Sonos for several years. Finally, this past Christmas my wife got me a 2-room starter set. It was really a shut up toy, for her part, but for me–Amazing. Amazing. Since that fateful Christmas, we’ve purchased several more units. I’ve got 4 Play 1’s and a Play 5, plus a Connect. We use the sonos every single day. I have a Play 1 in my bathroom so I can listen while I shower. The sound from the Play1 is amazingly good. I am very familiar with Bose products (I’ve been a many-year owner of both Wave systems and Sound Touch products) and the Sonos outperforms the Bose on the highs and possibly even on the lows. They are superior speakers sound-wise, but where they really shine is their interface and wireless capability.
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